Our Mission, Vision, and What Psalm 127 3-5 means to us

I was recently asked what was the mission of Arrow Baby, what was our future vision. The quick little blurb in response I gave didn't quite satisfy my soul. There is so much more to it; so much more meaning to Psalm 127: 3-5 for my sister and I. Especially so, because we are moms.

To me, this verse helped me claim the powerful God-given role we have as mothers. We're not JUST moms. We have got a real live 24/7 ministry going on! Amen? We are raising up warriors for Christ.

For so long, I wondered what can I do for The Lord? How can he use me? I'm not really doing anything for Him right now. What are my spiritual gifts? Wah wah wah. Psalm 127 3-5 opened up my eyes to the fact The Lord decided that for Him, there is nothing more important for me to be doing right now than to be raising His Arrows. This goes for all of us, Mamas.

When we serve our children, our husbands, we are serving Him. I'm constantly praying to be a joyful servant in my home. It's not easy. But as I sharpen those little arrows, they are sharpening me 10 times over. Thank God for that! It makes me smile when I think how much these little ones have taught me, have grown me, have unconditionally loved me. It's God's perfect way for me to become more like his own son, Jesus. Still a long, long way to go, but I'm thankful I'm not where I was!

So many of you have already learned this already and and are intentionally living it out. We have got beautiful little disciples standing at our feet every single day just waiting to soak up our teachings. They are learning from every step, every misstep, every word, every action, every reaction. We are sharpening them to become mighty arrows of God; mighty arrows FOR God. I'm not sure if it is the times we live in, but I have always felt I am raising warriors. They are going to have to be fierce and courageous warriors for Christ. It may be a battle for them just to serve Him. So, let's continue on in our ministry field mamas, ever so boldly for Christ!

Arrow Baby, as you know, was born from Psalm 127 3-5. Our goal, simply, is to bring Him glory. To do our little part to share the love of Jesus Christ and build his kingdom! We have had so many ideas over the years that have come and gone, started with a bang, went out with a fizzle. None of those ideas were the right ones and it wasn't the right time. I don't know why. But He does. He burned a path for Arrow Baby and filled it with signs of encouragement & sometimes a "come on & get on with it, ladies!" when we needed that extra push. He wants these Tees out there. And whether or not we sell 10 tees or 100 tees, it makes no difference. Because it's His vision. It's His glory, not ours. We are just grateful to be a part of it.

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