NLT Jesus Centered Bible, soft leather-look

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The Jesus-Centered Bible gives you an extraordinary Scripture experience that draws you to Jesus in unexpected ways. It’s a Bible that reveals the influence of Jesus in every book, highlighting how the Old Testament points to Jesus and how all the New Testament reveals Jesus. When you read the Bible in a Jesus-centered way, it’s a transforming experience. You’ll dive into Jesus’ story from extraordinary and surprising perspectives. You’ll discover just how much Jesus saturates page after page of the Bible, from beginning to end. You’ll never look at Scripture the same way again.

  • Blue-Letter Text reveals hundreds of Old Testament connections to Jesus, with short explanations that show how Jesus is the focal point for all of the Bible’s narrative.
  • Jesus In Every Book introductions for Old and New Testament books, written by renowned authors and leaders well-known for their focus on Jesus, help you discover how all of Scripture connects to him.
  • Reframing Jesus Insights take you far beyond the “Sunday school” Jesus into the surprising back-stories and cultural contexts of the real people, places, and social forces that formed the context of Jesus’ ministry.
  • Jesus Answers Life’s Essential Questions, essays that focus on the way Jesus tackles our deepest longings for meaning in life, helping you tackle your uncertainties head-on and make sense of your struggles.
  • The Jesus Questions draw you closer to Jesus through provocative and surprising discussion-starters about Jesus and his influence on our lives.
  • The Red-Letter Names of Jesus focus on the “red thread” of Jesus through the New Testament by highlighting in red every time his name is mentioned, including all of the “nicknames” the writers of the Bible use for him.

Unique Features include:

  • Blue-letter text for references to Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Red-letter text for the words of Jesus
  • Red-highlights for Jesus’ name, titles, and “nicknames” throughout the New Testament
  • Old Testament Introduction by Tony Campolo
  • New Testament Introduction by Derwin Gray
  • Dictionary/Concordance
  • How Jesus answers nine of life’s biggest questions—find your hope, meaning, & purpose
  • A “Get to Know Jesus” one-chapter-a-day Bible reading plan
  • New Living Translation (NLT)
  • Ribbon Marker
  • Lay-Flat Binding
  • 9-Point text size
  • 9.00” x 6.00"

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