Would you like to partner with us?

Passion. Purpose. Presence. Platform.

The Lord has always been clear that one of the facets of Truth & Table would be to serve as a platform to promote His creativity expressed through His people. We welcome both authors, creators, and artists to submit requests to become vendor partners.

If you are passionately creating with the LORD as an author, artist, or maker our Kingdom boutique may be your next brave step! We believe God is filling this space with creators after His own heart. 

How do we select the authors & artists we partner with?

First, we pray that the LORD himself will bring authors and artists to our attention...and here you are! 

We truly believe that He is curating every word, every piece of art, and every book here at Truth & Table. These are some of the questions we lean into as we heartfully consider every creation:

    • 1. Does the message align with His Word?
    • 2. Does it glorify God?
    • 3. Does it speak life and Truth into existence?
    • 4. Does it fit within the aesthetic and passion expressed at Truth & Table.
    • 5. We pray and listen for God’s yes or no.


Non-profit Organization/Ministry

  • 22% commission paid to Truth & Table
  • website presence
  • shipped by Truth & Table

Brick & Mortar

  • 33% commission paid to Truth & Table
  • no website presence or shipping

Brick & Mortar and Online

  • 44% commission paid to Truth & Table
  • website listings and shipped by Truth & Table

Payouts for prior month sales will be paid no later than the 15th of the following month. Ex. September’s sales will be paid on or before October 15th.

Some of our current vendor partners include:

Higher Hope Connect Ministries | Instagram @higherhopeconnect

True Trading Co. | instagram @truetradingco

Tetelestai Art Studio | instagram @tetelestai_art

Objects of Joy | instagram @objectsofjoy

Birdie Candle Co | instagram @birdiecandleco