Notes from Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know

$ 7.99


Jesus is the stuff best friends are made of - especially if you're a kid!

He's always up for hearing how the day went, listening to worries, and he wants to share about himself, too, as best friends do. Each note reminds kids that Jesus enjoys their company, and he wants a lifelong friendship that deepens with each new conversation. This is the perfect gift for kids just starting a relationship with Jesus, for young families joining a church, or as a meaningful gift!

Notes From Jesus are his messages to new friends. Each playfully illustrated note includes:

  • Answers to common faith questions kids ask, like ""What happens when I mess up?"" and "Is it okay to pray with my eyes open?""
  • An inspirational Bible verse for kids to tuck away in their hearts
  • Doable, kid-sized ideas for readers to become even better friends with Jesus

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